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Colourcon - Roofing, Outdoor Flooring, Roofing Companies "I purchased Colourcon tiles in 2005 and the design was Double Roman Spanish flame. I am pleased to inform you that I am fully satisfied with the appearance, design and the leak proof nature of the tiles. I am thankful to you for your amazing roofing product." Dr. Sanjeewa Bowatte, Government Medical Officer, General..

3 Ways to Create Waterproof Dry Space Under a Deck - HomeTips Apr 11, 2016 . Expert advice on deck waterproofing systems that protect the area beneath an outdoor deck from rainwater. Discusses . The spaces between decking boards on outdoor decks are meant to serve an important function amely, drainage. . They lock together along their long edges to form leak-proof joints

Leak-Free Plumbing | Family Handyman If your outdoor faucet leaks around the handle when you turn it on, you either have a loose packing nut or a bad packing washer. First try tightening the nut with a wrench or pliers. (The size and type of nut varies a bit with faucet styles.) If the nut is tight but the leak persists, shut off the water to the faucet inside the house,..

Waterproofing a Porch Floor | Waterproofing a Wood Floor | Two . Wayne S. has a question about a two story porch that leaks from the upper porch floor to the lower. We along with Vintage Woodworks offer . Waterproofing a deck or porch floor is not necessarily simple but there are measures you can take to make it as leak proof as possible as noted above. We will add to this article as we..

6 Outside Sources for Concrete Moisture - Wagner Meters 6 Outside Sources for Concrete Moisture. by Jason Spangler. Leaking Drain Pipe. Concrete, like the majority of building materials, constantly interacts with the . If conditions in the building enclosure must operate at high humidity levels, then a water-resistant sealant or flooring finish should be applied to the concrete to..

Waterproof Decking | Professional Deck Builder | Waterproofing . Mar 15, 2017 . Despite our initial high hopes, the open rib profile presented a challenge during installation, as the hollow spaces made it difficult to prevent leaks at the . The waterproof decking that I'm most familiar with is Admiral's SpaceMaker Outdoor Flooring (admiral-spacemaker.com), a product launched about..

Outdoor Floor Boxes - Lew Electric Fittings Company Outdoor floor box with stainless cover; Push Button Open; Fully IP66 rated water proof (when Drawings and Resources · OB-1-SH · Buy Here. Outdoor floor box with stainless cover; Hex Key Open; Fully IP66 rated water proof (when Drawings and Resources · OB-1-SP-6PORT · Buy Here. Outdoor floor box for Comm

Make Your Wet Basement Dry - DIY Repair Guide - RadonSeal RadonSeal Penetrating Sealer waterproofs concrete walls and floor. . Did you know that most new homes develop basement leaks within 10 to 15 years and that "Over 60% of basements have moisture seepage, while 38% . The first line of basement waterproofing defense should always be made on the outside

What to do if Water is Seeping through the Floor Mar 5, 2014 . If the meter did not prove the water leaking was from a pipe or other indoor source, turning off the water to the home will not affect it or stop it. Common causes are leaks in the ceiling or a crack in the exterior of the home which both permit water to enter. In these cases you will want to plug the problem right..

Waterproof Floor Coating for Public Restrooms | Easy to Clean Because Everlast Epoxy Flooring is naturally resistant to liquid penetration, it's the the ideal commercial flooring to handle the dampness and the humidity, while helping reduce slips and falls from day one. . Everlast Epoxy flooring can be pressure washed, with no worries about water leaking under the floors. Our floors..

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Flooring | RC Willey Blog Feb 2, 2017 . With so many flooring options out there, it can be difficult knowing what type of flooring you should use. . This is one of the more durable flooring options and is resistant to scuffs and scratches. . Laminate is not a great option for a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room where leaks or spills could be problems