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Composite Steel Floor Deck - Slabs - Steel Deck Institute The following is an example of a composite slab as it could be specified on the contract drawings: omposite slab shall consist of 2 inch deep G-60 galvanized composite steel deck, design thickness 0.0358 inch (20 gage), (Type XX by. XX, Inc. or approved equivalent) with 3 inch thick, 3000 psi, normal-weight concrete

Marcore Catalog | Marlyn Steel Decks, Inc. Tampa, Florida Marcore is a 2" deep dovetail shaped structural composite floor deck, roof deck or Marcore Catalog. Marcore composite floor deck profile. Marcore is a 2" deep dovetail shaped structural composite floor deck, roof deck or accoustical deck

Decks and Diaphragms - RISA The term eck refers to different types of floor construction including wood, metal, concrete and composite type construction. RISAFloor uses the .. The Self Wt is from the XML database is used for the deck self weight, and you can confirm this in the Deck Loads tab of the Deck Definitions dialogue. Note: For the Vulcraft..

BamDeck vs. Seventrust Decking - Cali Bamboo Greenshoots Blog Much like the physics property that makes a tube less flexible than a rod, the hollow CoreMax Technology increases tensile strength by 35% while reducing overall weight by 20%. Plus, the unwrapped surface of BamDeck contains less plastic than other composites, making it cooler to the touch on a hot summer day

Different Types of Composite Decking: Hollow vs Solid Boards Learn about the different characteristics and benefits of hollow and solid core composite decking. . Solid composite deck boards offer a more authentic lumber look. . If you want to work with lighter-weight materials, you could benefit from hollow boards, which weigh considerably less than their solid counterparts

Metal Decking Design Guide - New Millennium Building Systems 2. Loads and maximum construction spans are based on the SDI. Design Manual for. Composite Decks,. Form Decks and Roof. Decks, Publication. No. 30. 3. Minimum interior bearing length shall be 3". Minimum exterior bearing length shall be 1 1/2". Total. Slab. Concrete. Concrete. Depth. Weight. Weight. (in.) (psf). (psf)

ComFlor manual Composite floor decking design and technical . deck is 0.75kN/m2, with an additional of 10% of the slab weight or 0.75kN/m2, whichever is greater, over a 3m x 3m working area. This area should be treated as a moveable patch load that should be applied to cause maximum effect. Further guidance is given in. SCI Publication AD346. ComFlor . Span parameters