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Dulaney Exterior Solutions LTD, SERVICES, San Antonio . We inject waterproofing around roof drains, balcony drains, ice machine drains, restaurant floor drains, cracks in concrete floors and walls, and hollow core CMU . Sidewalk and Pavement Sealants: Expansion joints and cracks in exterior concrete slabs on grade need to be kept sealed to keep water from washing out the..

Eco Friendly Sealants and Coatings | Seal-Pro Waterproofing . HydroSeal: a long-lasting, low maintenance waterproofing product with exceptional adhesive properties used for waterproofing of roofs, parapets, patios, hollow-core slabs, retaining walls, foundations, water features, dams etc. It bonds to existing torch-on systems and covers these jointed surfaces with a seamless..

EOP - The Driving Force of Water | STRUCTURAL In the light commercial and residential building market, waterproofing systems are not prevalent on slab-on-grade or crawl space foundations. . Solid core, insulated concrete panel systems (ICF's);; Unreinforced cast-in-place (formed) concrete;; Hollow core precast panels;; Open cell masonry walls (unreinforced);; Waffle or..

Waterproofing Cinder Block Walls and CMU's - RadonSeal Only a thin wall (1-1/4 inch) separates the hollow core of concrete blocks from wind-driven rain or water-soaked ground and, after the core fills up with water, from the indoor space. Cinder blocks are classified as permeable to water and vapor (>10 perms). Standard concrete blocks are semi-permeable about 5 perms or,..

Installation Guidelines COSMOFIN FG When carrying out waterproofing measures on hollow core slabs, aerated concrete, pumice concrete or similar, the heat-insulating layer must be augmented so that the point at which condensation may occur is located above the vapour barrier. The dew point location and the water vapour/diffusion conditions must be estab-

Foolproof Waterproofing for Below-Grade Walls - Best Materials pumped into hollow core of the wall. Concrete placement . waterproofing. e ICF material and waterproofing can easily be damaged. 4. with the native backfill which is typically used. e ICF wall, because of the nature of its structure hich. 5. A reliable . moisture driven through the slab. is last item is especially important in..

Strengthening & waterproofing of concrete . - smar-conferences a system of massive post-tensioned hollow core slabs including a single span Gerber beam to a monolithic frame structure (Fig. 5). By means of R-UHPFRC, the two Gerber joints were blocked and bending capacity of the hollow core slabs was increased. In addition, the R-. UHPFRC also serves as waterproofing layer

Flat Roofs: Hollow-core Concrete Slabs - renovation - Paroc.com Hollow-core concrete slab, renovation. New additional structure: New waterproof roof membrane; Mechanical fasteners; Additional thermal insulation: PAROC ROS 30g (grooved) + PAROC ROB 80; Dry expanded clay. Existing structure: Old roof membrane; Old thermal insulation: EPS, Cork, PUR, etc. Supporting structure:..

DOE Building Foundations Section 2-1 Recommendations The slab should be poured against a control joint material so that it can move independently of the foundation wall. Where expansive soils are ... To retard movement of radon through hollow core masonry walls, the top and bottom courses of hollow masonry walls should be solid block, or filled solid. If the top side of the..

Precast Garage Floors | Forterra Hollow Core Details · Hollow Core Void Locations. What could you do with extra space in your home? Expand your living space by using Forterra Structural . Forterra Structural & Specialty Products will provide the trucks for hauling and the crane for installation of the Precast Garage Floor suspended concrete slabs

Wall Tech Restoration Inc. - Exterior Building Specialists Deep Concrete Repair; Shallow Concrete Repair; Slab Edge Repair; Hollow Core Slab Repair; Structural Steel. Sealants and Waterproofing. Waterproofing and sealants are used in the construction industry stop the infiltration of moisture into the building envelope, to provide thermal insulation as well as noise..

Structural Technical Brochure - Lafarge in North America Flooring/Roofing. Precast/Prestressed. Hollow Core Slabs & Double Tees. Hollow Core Slabs. Hollow core slabs are high quality precast/prestressed concrete units. Continuous voids are formed through each ... Metal Framing. Spec Note: For parking structures add reference to concrete topping and deck waterproofing

23 Sewall Avenue Condominiums - Brookline, MA Removed each concrete topping slab. Performed concrete repairs to the hollow core planks beneath each slab. Installed new concrete topping slab. Fabricated and installed new aluminum handrails around each balcony. Installed a new urethane traffic coating system on each balcony and common area plaza. Fabricated..

Steps to Secure Balconies - FCAP Surface penetrating corrosion inhibitors and waterproofing membranes are also utilized in some instances, particularly when concrete coverage is a concern. . Post-tension construction enables thinner slab structures and uses slabs with a hollow core that have steel tendons installed once they are in place. Failure at the..

5 - Building & Construction Authority reliability of the waterproo铿乶g system and to ensure consistency in dimensions (eg, 铿乶al thickness of the. 铿俹ors, MSCE con铿乬urations, etc). There should also be a good level of awareness and understanding of the structural system being used (eg, precast hollow core slab system, cast in-situ RC system, etc)

Hydraway Waterproofing Systems | Basement Waterproofing System Hydraway has built a great reputation protecting investments of homeowners through innovative technology in waterproofing. Hydraway can be installed in your basement, crawl space, used for exterior drainage, and installed behind retaining walls. Hydraway will capture water before it enters your basement, relieving..

Formwork and dome for hollow core slab BETON STOP By . Download the catalogue and request prices of Beton stop By pontarolo, formwork and dome for hollow core slab

Hollowcore 101 - Oldcastle Precast Hollowcore slabs are prestressed floor elements with voids. The excellent load-bearing capacity and structural . plank design. Toppings are frequently used in conjunction with hollow- core plank floor systems. You . hollowcore by a bond-breaker, waterproofing membrane, and vapor or moisture barrier. The intended use..

WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS OF CORESLAB STRUCTURES (ONT) INC. Aug 8, 2013 . with respect to whether the hollow core slabs, as delivered, could support a 120 psf load capacity as speci铿乪d in the structural drawings. It was Ms. Saari's opinion that the slabs were capable of supporting the waterproo铿乶g membrane and three inches of asphalt.24 In fact, her calculations con铿乺med that the..