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Spotlight on Western Red Cedar - Woodcraft Sep 13, 2017 . Today, those uses still account for the largest commercial use of the wood, followed by outdoor structures such as decks, gazebos, and fences, as well as patio furniture. (See the arbor and gate on page 22.) Spotlight on Western Red Cedar. Moving east, across the continent, the history was similar with..

Uses for Cedar Lumber | Home Guides | SF Gate Cedar wood is famed for its scent, but the wood has other properties that are at least as useful as its aromatic qualities. These characteristics have . Cedar most often appears as interior panels serving as a liner, but some types of cedar (like eastern red cedar) are tough enough for use in building entire pieces of furniture

Redwood Vs. Cedar - TimberTown Apr 1, 2015 . For cedar, specifically western red cedar, we turned to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association ( to find out all there is to know about . Both are beautiful in their own right, but if you're planning to use a tinted stain or paint your deck or timbers you might want to go with cedar because it..

Characteristics of Western Red Cedar - Real Cedar Jun 11, 2013 . There are few more versatile building materials than Western Red Cedar which is ideal both for indoor and outdoor uses. Western Red Cedar lumber is available in visual stress grades for construction and finishing uses in a range of lengths, widths and thicknesses. It is available in clear or knotty grades..

Where to use western red cedar lumber They are recommended for interior use only and for walls that are not subjected to hard use. A good quality paste will add another measure of rotection. pecification: Finish: Stain Wax. Pattern: T&G Randon width,. Flat Grain, Vee Joint. Grade: B & BTR. the seal of quality western red cedar. WESTERN RED CEDAR LUMBER..

Aromatic Cedar Lumber for Woodworkers - Friendly Service & Fast . Aromatic Red Cedar boards tend to be knotty and narrow because this is a very slow-growing species, and most trees harvested tend to be fairly small in diameter. The wood is soft with a fine, even texture. . Some Typical Uses. Linen and blanket chests, pencils, boxes. Carves and whittles nicely. the Aromatic Cedar tree..

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar - Wood Specie Properties Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Wood Specie Physical and Working Properties

Aromatic Red Cedar | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification . Workability: Overall, Aromatic Red Cedar is easy to work, notwithstanding any knots or irregularities present in the wood. It reportedly has a high silica content, which can dull cutters. Aromatic Red Cedar glues and finishes well, though in many applications, the wood is left unfinished to preserve its aromatic properties

Value and Uses of Eastern Red Cedar - Woodweb Feb 14, 2006 . The sawing and drying forum kicks around the question of tailoring red cedar products to meet market demand. February 14, 2006. . When I build with ERC if it is an outside project I just use wood stickered outside and do not worry about MC. It changes very quickly with the humidity but moves very little

Western Red Cedar Lumber Products Page - Bear Creek Lumber Western Red Cedar is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenol preservatives, which make it ideally suited for exterior use and interior . Red Cedar Siding The timeless charm of wood siding. Dutch and lap siding stock. WRC shingles Shakes and Shingles Shakes and Shingles for siding and..

Eastern Red Cedar - WOOD Magazine Eastern red cedar has a fine grain, but a soft texture. It works easily with hand or power tools, despite the fact that it is somewhat brittle. In stability, it ranks quite high. If you want the wood to remain fragrant, don't cover it with a finish. Otherwise, use anything but polyurethane or plastic finishes-oil in the wood makes it difficult..

Tennessee Red Cedar | Swaner Hardwood Mar 29, 2017 . Finishes well though it is often left unfinished to preserve aromatic properties. Physical Properties: The oils in cedar result in a distinctive aroma and moth-repelling qualities. Strong stiffness and good stability in service. Uses: closet and chest linings, fence posts, trim, mouldings, millwork, outdoor furniture,..

Best Uses for Cedar Lumber | Uses for Red Cedar. Much like white cedar, because of its durability and history of longevity, red cedar is a prominent choice for decking, siding, roofing, and fencing. This wood weathers very well and, therefore, is very commonly used for many outdoor projects. Red cedar is also a favorite for indoor construction in humid..

Red cedar - Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Aug 6, 2010 . The heartwood ranges from pink to deep red-brown. Sapwood is usually yellowish-white in colour. Grain. Coarse, open and usually straight. The occasional presence of wavy interlocked grain can produce an attractive fiddleback figure. Growth rings are obvious in back sawn timber. Wood properties

Western Red Cedar | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification . Common Uses: Shingles, exterior siding and lumber, boatbuilding, boxes, crates, and musical instruments. Comments: Western Redcedar is a commercially important lumber, used in a number of applications ranging from rough-sawn lumber for use in home construction to clear quartersawn material for classical guitar..

Western Red Cedar | Woodworking Network Aug 14, 2011 . The Western Red Cedar Lumber Assn. reports that its member mills have an annual production of nearly 1 billion board feet, and that supplies have been constant for the past 10 to 20 years. Arnie Nebelsick, executive director of the WRCLA, says newer uses for the wood include more millwork applications

Why Love Western Red Cedar?*newline*Let Us Count the Ways . Builders and homeowners around the world continue to appreciate the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar, a wood with roots of use that date back centuries to the Native Americans who first named it the "Tree of Life." Today, Western Red Cedar also provides unmatched durability and versatility - qualities that make it..

Which is better: Western Red Cedar or Yellow Cedar | Artisan . Apr 29, 2016 . Although it is one of the lightest in weight of all commercially important softwood species, Western Red Cedar is very decay resistant and it can yield a larger variety of dimensional lumber. Its abundance and favorable properties make it the dominant choice for building and exports, especially in Europe..

eastern red cedar - USDA Plants Database Uses. Ethnobotanic: The red cedar is used by many tribes for incense in purification and ritual (Kindscher. 1992). For numerous tribes, the red cedar tree symbolizes . The wood of red cedar is very durable, and was used for lance shafts, bows, and other items. Flutes made from red cedar wood were highly regarded by the

Growth, properties and uses of western red cedar - EBS Building . Growth, properties and uses of western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don)/by Josefina S. Gonzalez. (Special publication, ISSN 0824-2119 ; no. SP-37R). Co-published by Western Red Cedar Lumber Association and Western Red Cedar Export Association. Includes bibliographical references. 1. Western red cedar