install a ledger board on a manufactered home

Flashing a Deck Ledger Board on Vinyl Siding - Pinterest Attaching a deck ledger board to a vinyl-sided house requires a few extra trim pieces to keep water from leaking behind the siding. Here's a . How to Install Joist Hangers Simple steps for building decks and floors thatll last a lifetime. .. Blocking Keeps Decks Flat and Square - Manufactured decking isn't as stiff as ttachment of Residential Deck Ledger to Metal . - Stafford County Sep 18, 2007 . when the ledger to rim board connection fails, the deck typically collapses catastrophically. Recommendations: When the floor system for the house uses MPCWT, the deck ledger shall not be connected to the house by nails alone. In the absence of a lateral bracing system installed on the deck, lag screws

FastenMaster 5 in. LedgerLok Coarse Steel Flat . - The Home Depot Jun 17, 2012 . Save time, money and labor costs! LedgerLok is the first fastener engineered to attach deck ledger boards to the rim board of the house with no pre-drilling. No need to predrill and hand-ratchet in 1/2 in. galvanized lags and washers. LedgerLok also has stronger design shear values than 1/2 in. galvanized..

Deck Requirements - Town of Plainville CT See NON-LEDGER DECKS. SIDING AND FLASHING: House siding or the exterior finish system must be removed prior to installation of the ledger board. Approved corrosion resistant flashing is required at any ledger board connection to a wall of wood framed construction (see. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS). See Figure 14..

Porch Additions on a Manufactured House | Home Guides | SF Gate Fasten the porch roof to the house with a horizontal lumber ledger board, bolted to the house wall studs at the top and rear of the roof. Install a beam on top of the posts along the front edge of the porch. Slant the rafters down from the ledger board to this beam and attach the ends with hanger brackets. Space the rafters..

deck - How do I attach a ledger board if I have no interior access . Oct 18, 2010 . Lag screws should be fine. If possible, have them go into the ends of the floor joists as well. You can probably see where they are from the outside by looking at where the nails are in the rim joist

deck - How can I attach a ledger board to my house? - Home . Apr 1, 2013 . First off let me quote the American Wood Council PRESCRIPTIVE RESIDENTIAL WOOD DECK CONSTRUCTION GUIDE (which I recommend looking through). MANUFACTURED WOOD I-JOIST: Many new homes constructed with wood I-joists include 1" or thicker engineered wood products (EWP) such..

Attaching the ledger board | The Chronicle Herald May 15, 2015 . A properly installed ledger board should be attached to the house rim board with half-inch diameter or larger stainless steel or galvanized steel lag screws or through bolts, with nuts and washers spaced at least 18 inches on centre. As well, the ledger board should have proper flashing installed to prevent..

How to Attach a Porch to a Mobile Home | Hunker Feb 22, 2008 . Build the roof for the porch onto the exterior wall of the mobile home. Attach a 2 x 6 ledger board to the studs on the wall using lag bolts. The ledger board should be about 1 1/2 inches below the roof line of the mobile home

Create Rafters for a Patio Roof | how-tos | DIY Attach the Rafters. Attach 2x6 rafters to the house with joist hangers and/or supported by the ledger board. If necessary, use a sliding bevel to determine angles needed where the rafters will meet the ledger board. Rafters are placed on 24" centers, and attached to the beams and settle joists are attached as needed (Image..

Deck Ledger Board Installation - DECK LEDGER BOARD INSTALL - CONTENTS: how to install a deck ledger board, the key starting point in actual deck framing and a key connection of deck or porch to .. If the floors in your house are framed with something other than solid wood, such as wood I-joists or another kind of manufactured joist system, you will..

Deck Ledger Attachment Methods - Structure Tech Home Inspections May 8, 2012 . The piece of wood that connects a deck to a building is called the ledger, or ledger board. . Through-bolts can be used to attach a ledger to the house when the interior of the rim joist is accessible. . He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer

How to Build Exterior Wood Steps | Today's Homeowner Start by measuring the width of the opening, then cut a treated 2 4 to length to attach to the side of the house as an anchor for the stringers. Remember to take 3 off the length of the anchor board to allow for the thickness of the end stringers. Position the anchor board on the house, taking into account the thickness of the..

Avoiding A Deck Collapse: Start By Attaching It Properly - Star Tribune May 8, 2012 . One problem that I occasionally find with lag screws is that they're not attached to anything substantial behind the ledger. When a home is constructed with floor trusses and there is no rim joist for the deck to attach to, it's important to figure out what the screws are going in to. In the photos below, the lag..

How to Build a Mobile Home Deck | Drill slots through the ledger board and the sheathing into the house itself. Attach the ledger board securely using 2 lag screws between each pair of joists. The more joists you use, the more stable the deck attachment will be. Use enough caulk to protect the holes from moisture. Use a hammer and drive the lag screws into..