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sustainable buildings and construction in africa - Collaborating . sustainable building and construction in Africa as well as it lists concrete sources for information on how to do sustainable construction and building in ... Detailed design. Construction. Hand over. Demolition,. Recycle. Perspective 1: Lifecycle perspective. Operation and maintenance. Production of construction materials

How Termites Inspired Mick Pearce's Green Buildings | GreenBiz Sep 2, 2009 . Architect Mick Peace has designed energy-efficient buildings in Zimbabwe and Australia that replicate some of the same climate control features as termite . These passive techniques, although not able to supply all of the climate control for the building, contributed to some impressive building conservation..

South African Designer Heath Nash Builds Shade Structures Out Of . Jul 27, 2011 . Heath Nash works with local crafts people in Harare, Zimbabwe to design and build shade structure with recycled materials

Sustainable Building Materials for Low-cost Housing and the . Mar 30, 2017 . Citation: Bredenoord J (2017) Sustainable Building Materials for Low-cost. Housing and the Challenges Facing their Technological Developments: Examples and Lessons Regarding Bamboo, Earth-Block Technologies, Building Blocks of. Recycled Materials, and Improved Concrete Panels. J Archit Eng..

Why is green building still so hard? | Grist Jun 9, 2006 . Recently, Colorado Company magazine highlighted a developer who believes in nothing but reen building. . The Eastgate Building in Zimbabwe, which self-shades and dumps heat at night, isn't successful because it looks like a cactus (though that doesn't hurt) it's successful because architect Mick..

Green Building and Wood Products - American Wood Council the carbon footprint of the built environment, building designers are increasingly being called upon to balance functionality and cost objectives with reduced environmental impact. Wood can help to achieve that balance. The choice to use wood as a green building material is intuitive. It's abundant, renewable and recyclable..

Choosing a Top Eco-Friendly Building Material | General Steel Learn how the production, quality, and life cycle of steel has made it one of the most popular & environmentally-friendly green building materials on the market. . Commonly referred to as EAF, this steelmaking process primarily uses recycled steel and electricity, as opposed to the blast furnace, which requires natural..